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HealthDecision is Evidence Based Clinical Decision Support 

at the Point of Care

  • Developed by clinicians for clinicians

  • Integrated directly into your EHR

  • Evidence-based guidelines at your fingertips

  • Provides customized handouts

  • Documents the visit in EHR

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One minute saved per patient visit on average

Increases quality and efficiency and reduces the cognitive load of the clinician

Supports point of care shared decision making resulting in improved adherence to care

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In the December eNewsletter Jon Keevil, MD discusses medical guidelines in his blog post, Sometimes, What is Missing is the Most Helpful, tool updates and a quick survey.

In the November eNewsletter Jon Keevil, MD discusses two ways to save a life, HealthDecision validated in the Cerner app gallery, updates to the lung cancer tool and more.

The October eNewsletter highlights the new osteoporosis tool; HealthDecision joins Epic’s App Orchard; and, the important health checks every woman over 50 should receive and those supported by HealthDecision tools.


“The visual presentation of risks and benefits really helps [the patients] feel like they are owning their health care decisions.”

Alexis Eastman, MD, UW Health

“HealthDecision helps me put shared decision making at the forefront of my counseling.”

Sarina Schrager, MD, UW Health

“HealthDecision is a great conversation organizer and concludes with excellent resources/handouts that I print for patients nearly every time I use it.”

MD, UW Health Clinician Survery, 8/17/16

“I love that it’s synced with the EHR, and my patient’s info automatically blows in. I use it regularly for patients that are “on the fence” about starting a drug, like statin, because I think it lays out the risk and benefits well.”

MD, UW Health Clinician Survey, 8/17/16

“It helps me with patients in reviewing management options. Thank you very much. This tool increases my effectiveness as a family physician.”

MD, UW Health Clinician Survey, 8/17/16

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