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MD, UW Health Clinician Survey, 8/17/16

“I love that it’s synced with the EHR, and my patient’s info automatically blows in. I use it regularly for patients that are “on the fence” about starting a drug, like statin, because I think it lays out the risks and benefits well.”

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Help Where You (and Your Patient) Need It

Did you know that HealthDecision uses two mechanisms to provide helpful information within the workflow of the tools? In many sections of the tools, deeper explanations are available to help the clinician and the patient understand the underlying data and considerations behind a specific calculation or recommendation based on the individual's risk. One of these [...]

2017-06-08T02:27:32-05:00May 6th, 2017|

Shared Decision Making and Agreeing to Disagree

Early in my career as a preventive cardiologist, I learned the ACC/AHA Adult Treatment Panel III guideline inside and out. This guideline was more complex than most, combining LDL cholesterol levels with risk calculations in a matrix that determined treatment thresholds. I published an article in Circulation mapping the U.S. population to this matrix. [...]

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