Did you know that HealthDecision uses two mechanisms to provide helpful information within the workflow of the tools? In many sections of the tools, deeper explanations are available to help the clinician and the patient understand the underlying data and considerations behind a specific calculation or recommendation based on the individual’s risk.

One of these mechanisms is “text expansion.” Text that can expand is marked with an arrowhead and turns blue when rolled over with the mouse. Clicking the text provides more information about the topic. For example, the first question on the mammogram tool’s “Eligibility” tab asks “Do you have any new breast symptoms?” Clicking the text shows typical symptoms that could be concerning for breast cancer. Look for these arrowheads across all tools when you and your patient would like a little more information.

Another mechanism available throughout the HealthDecision tools is clickable “INFO” buttons that offer deeper explanations or help guide data input. The example below depicts patient data entry required to calculate stroke and thromboembolism risk in atrial fibrillation. This deeper information includes references and links to the original abstracts on PubMed. Clinicians find these data helpful to clarify definitions of input values and show the source of calculations and guidelines.

Throughout HealthDecision you’ll find deeper information to help you and your patients understand the underlying guidelines and calculations used to determine risk.