Clinicians and healthcare administrators are committed to the same goal: providing quality care at affordable costs. While high quality and lower cost could be considered mutually exclusive, HealthDecision contributes to both to provide value for the healthcare system through better communication, outcomes and reimbursements:

  • Higher patient satisfaction correlates with higher clinician satisfaction and reduced clinician burnout. Usage data indicate consistent clinician usage after the initial 5-6 encounters with the tools.
  • HealthDecision’s personalized risk analysis and documented SDM aligns patient expectations with realistic outcomes and lowers the risk of legal issues. Washington became the first state to enact legislation establishing increased legal protection to physicians using SDM tools.
  • HealthDecision tools facilitate reimbursement. The tools capture measurable SDM, which is requested by multiple local and national institutions (e.g., Medicare) and in some cases required for reimbursement (e.g., WATCHMAN™ device implantation for atrial fibrillation or CT scans for lung cancer screening).
  • Because HealthDecision does not currently receive any PHI, HealthDecision’s interface and data selection are not currently HIPAA compliant.  However, HealthDecision is preparing the HealthDecision platform for future HIPAA compliance.