Patients want to be more informed of their medical choices and involved in decisions. HealthDecision facilitates that interaction, enabling more meaningful conversations around a patient’s personalized risk assessment and his or her preferences and values.

  • By automatically incorporating patient data from the EHR, HealthDecision tools create a personalized benefit/harm assessment for each patient.
  • Results of calculations and guidelines are displayed in real time that the patient can then discuss with the clinician.
  • HealthDecision graphics are visually engaging and intuitive. Patients are better educated on possible outcomes through HealthDecision’s icon arrays, bringing visual clarity to the complexity of the benefits and harms of a given medical choice.
  • A summary document as well as patient education materials are available to clarify what was discussed in the visit and help transmit this information to family and friends if needed.
  • HealthDecision tools present medical benefits and harms objectively—rather than as the clinician’s subjective opinion, giving patients an increased sense of trust.