The collaborative process between a clinician and patient to arrive at a healthcare decision together is known as Shared Decision Making (SDM). SDM enables clinicians and patients to explore the benefits and harms of medical options, when the “best” option is not clear. We believe the best healthcare decisions combine the patient’s preferences with the clinician’s expertise.

It’s About Conversation, Not Just Information

SDM is being added to many healthcare guidelines and is increasingly required for CMS payment of procedures. While many other SDM efforts narrowly focus on printed and online patient education aids, HealthDecision believes that the true value of SDM lies within the conversation between a clinician and patient.

Healthcare decisions can be incredibly challenging: for patients, the medical terminology may be difficult to understand, the math of risk can be complicated, and the implications of available options may be hard to fully comprehend.

HealthDecision does the “heavy lifting” associated with decision support for clinicians, combining patient-specific medical data with the latest medical guidelines and calculators, and presents a patient’s personalized risk analysis. Visual presentation of outcomes, cited as a favorite feature of the tools by clinicians and patients alike, is educational, easy-to-understand, and facilitates the discussion of the benefits and harms to arrive at mutual agreement on a treatment plan.